We're on a journey to bring you the most amazing sauces we've tasted, enjoyed and created.

Who is Yumi Tumi?

We are fellow food lovers who, like you, get a little fan-crazy when they find something they love. We LOVE sauces, we LOVE flavor, and we’ve fallen in love with sauces that bring complementary flavor, a touch of spice, and challenge your taste buds to war.

It's been said that you can't possibly add sauce to a good steak, burger, fish, or even vegetables because it would be an insult to the chef or your Aunt Debbie’s Christmas turkey. Here's a small anecdote we like to use in counter; the best restaurants in the world have a staff position in their kitchen called a Saucier, the maker and master of sauce.

We are your Saucier team, helping you bring new excitement to your next dinner, lunch, backyard BBQ, or camping trip. Yumi-Tumi is devoted to bringing you sauces that compliment and elevate your plate, no matter the place, occasion, or cuisine.

Wow! I'd put this on anything, it's not...like "hot" like a "hot" sauce, it's got a lot of flavor. It's so good. When are you going to start selling it so I can have it in my fridge on the regular?

Tiffany Infante
Warren, Ohio Socialite

Our Story

Edwin Goyzueta

Owner/Inventor | Along with Luigi Goyzueta and Ryan Cravotta

Three friends, three recipes and one master saucier, that's how this whole thing happened.

The Master Saucier, Big Ed, as we like to call him, has been making and trading in secret sauce recipes for decades. Luckily, he passed some wisdom down to his children and one lucky neighborhood friend.

And so, as Yumi Tumi, we're on a journey to bring you the most amazing sauces we've ever eaten and created. We do this by taking Big Ed's wisdom and love of Pisco, and then combining it with our experimental, cross-continental palate and no holds barred kitchen attitude to bring you Yumi Tumi SideKick Sauces.


Where else but in the home of all things that rock, Cleveland, Ohio!

We love this city, and it’s gritty, come-back-kid, work hard, play harder attitude. Did you know Cleveland was ranked #7 by Time magazine as one of America’s “Best Food Cities”? Yep, it surprised us too, but we love that it’s a hidden gem. It’s a city like this that can foster and grow a brand like us YUMI TUMI. 

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2800 Euclid Ave #150, Cleveland, OH 44115

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